Aquarium Cleaning & Maintenance








Initial planning

  • Identifying best aquarium placement at your location
  • Determining aquarium style and type to fit your location and your budget
  • Designing aquariums interior landscaping or aquascaping. 
  • Determining best filtration system, lighting, heating and any other equipment needs
  • Free water testing
  • Helping you choose compatible fish to maximize activity and minimize aggression
  • Located near Overland Park Kansas we are a aquarium business offering the best aquarium services.
Installation and setup

  • Delivering tank, cabinet, equipment, decorations and supplies
  • Installing the tank, cabinet and hood
  • Installing filtration system, lighting and decorations
  • Filling the tank and treating the water
  • Starting the tank cycling process
  • Testing water to determine readiness for fish

Maintenance - we will establish a regular maintenance schedule that meets your needs and budget

  • Testing water for proper chemical balance
  • Water transfers to keep your tank and fish healthy
  • Cleaning the outside, inside and top glass or acrylic surfaces
  • Cleaning and or replacing decorations
  • Cleaning, filtering and or siphoning gravel and sand beds
  • Cleaning and or replacing filter media as needed
  • Checking that all equipment is functioning correctly
  • Training you on feeding the fish
  • Delivering all food and supplies
  • 24 hour 7 days a week emergency calls

Education - do you want to learn how to maintain your own aquarium?

  • We will design a training plan that fits your needs, timing and budget
  • We will teach you and help you gain the experience needed to manage your own aquarium
  • Biweekly training sessions at your location for as long as you need
  • Ongoing phone support
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